Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pepsi10K/2Miler for Special Olympics

E and I had the opportunity to take part in the Pepsi10K/2mile event for Special Olympics.  We chose the 2 mile walk option, with the intention of running as much of it as possible.  Elena and I were excited, but I knew 2 miles would be a lot for her.

It was crowded.  All sorts of people--fast runners, slower runners, walkers, families.  We felt very welcome.  Vivian and Jason were going to be our cheerleaders!

Ready to go

My runner girl

E started running right from the start.  She looked GREAT, and we hung with the pack (of walkers) for a while.  Elena's pace started to ease up at about 3/4 mile, when she started to walk more.  No biggie.

We had tons of encouragement along the way.  It was a down-and-back course (the runners intially went another way, but caught up to us by the time Elena started to walk more) and the "final stretch" runners cheered and yelled Elena's name.  She beamed each time.  It was pretty awesome.


Elena got really tired after rounding the first mile.  We were the last of the walkers (which we don't mind) and E said that she "couldn't feel her hands".  WHAT? She's never complained about that before.  I understand that the pressure of her loftstrands could hurt, but she's walked a lot more than this and never mentioned it.  I asked if she wanted to sit on my knee and rest, she adamantly refused.  So I asked if we could hold hands instead of her using her crutches, which she obliged--for about two minutes.  She asked for her crutches back, and we went walking on our way.  I offered to carry her, or have her rest, and she would not accept that kind of help.

She found a new burst of energy when Jason and Vivian found us along the route and walked with us. Then, we rounded the last corner, and E finished the last two hundred feet or so at a run.  It was pretty great!  Then, it was off to enjoy some food, running company, and some playground swingtime.


I worry/wonder about her hands on her crutches.  I understand it can be uncomfortable, but she didn't complain at Disney, or at Busch Gardens, or on long walks or hikes.  Maybe she was leaning a lot because she wanted to go fast?  We have little neoprene "sleeves" that offer some squishy padding for her hands, but Elena doesn't like them.  Maybe we'll have to look into something else like that for her running events, if she chooses to do more (there are two more on the schedule for 2013).


Anonymous said...

She probably squeezed her hand around the crutch (to hold on) too hard. Tell her to loosen her grip and make it more gentle.

Anonymous said...

Go Elena go. We have such admiration for your family. We hope to give our child the same type of support that you give yours! what a splendid job. Thank you