Monday, October 7, 2013

That Work/Life Balance Thing

I don't post much about myself here.  But this topic has been on my mind--constantly--since this summer (if not before that).

So, here goes nothing.

I work full-time.  I have since before the kids were born.  Overall, my job is pretty good--great benefits (even though they are cutting health coverage a bit, it's still pretty good), and I like the work (I guess you could call me a scientist).   I also work seven days a week.  Not full days on weekends--but in general, I have to be there every day when projects are being done, which is (in general) all year except Christmas, Thanksgiving, and a vacation here and there (planned well in advance).  In return, I have a pretty flexible schedule that allows me to be at E's therapy appointments and doctor's visits, and maybe a field trip here and there for E or Vivian.

I sort of missed writing about the child care transition, even though it was pretty major.  Since Vivian is in preschool now, we encouraged our Fantastic Nanny Annette to find a new job (which she did), and I have shifted my hours so that I am home for the kids after school.  We all knew this would happen sometime...we hated to say goodbye to Annette (although the kids will still see here every now and then) but it was the best choice for everyone.

And I am exhausted.  BUT--I love Love LOVE being there when the kids are out of school.  Sure, some days they are just contrary (who isn't?) but I feel like life is more complete.  The 5:00-7:30 pm "crunch time" isn't as severe, which is a really big relief.  I am exhausted, though.


It seems my employer and I may be at an impasse, in terms of the hours I work--because they do NOT like this change.  I understand their point.  I think they understand mine.

I'd like to keep working, as long as I can be here for the kids.  That's the work-life balance I want.  The balance I deserve, and the balance that I need.

I feel like actually having that--"Work Life Balance" is a joke.  I'm not sure it exists.

EDIT:  My last day will be November 1st.  

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Just the Tip said...

I hate to hear you're having a hard work/life balance! I started back to work on a more regular basis, and it's already seemingly obvious that it's not possible. P has some new medical stuff going on so now i'm back to just 1 day a week, which when P & M were both getting new diagnosis seemed impossible so I guess it's something.

=( I hope you can get it figured out, it's obvious you love your job.