Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

A few weeks ago we headed out to Belvedere Plantation--I've just been too busy to write about it.  It was AWESOME, as usual.  We love coming here.  The changes in both Elena and Vivian are obvious, tangible, and beautifully heartwarming.

The day was gorgeous--not too hot, with leaves just starting to change color.

Girls with the Pumpkin Princess

Again, this was a situation where we decided NOT to bring any mobility devices save Elena's crutches.  The plantation is expansive, and the motor skill activities are diverse.  We thought Elena might get tired--but she is too large for a stroller, too large for a wagon, and her wheelchair isn't a good fit here either.  We had confidence she would do well, given our experiences at Busch Gardens and Disney earlier this year.

Sisters at the Plantation

Our first stop was the Jumping Pillow.  We were there early, so it wasn't too crowded.  Elena has made a lot of progress jumping on the trampoline this year, but this is a curved surface, so it's tougher.  Elena asked for my hand, so we decided to jump together. 

Walking on air

Jumping together
Barrel Train.  Elena said she's too grown up for it. (Probably true)

There is a big underground slide, where you ride on a burlap sack.  In the past, both girls have ridden with a parent.  This year, Vivian was adamant she would do it herself.  It was fantastic, watching her run and carry her burlap, and laugh and smile as she ran to do it again.  

Miss Independent

The hill going up to the slide is not trivial; it's quite steep, rocky, and then there's the sack to carry.  Elena was firm that she didn't want to be carried.  She tried to carry the sack, but it was too long and cumbersome--so Jason carried it, with Elena walking to the top.  She rode with a parent, or by herself.

That's E in the middle

Riding with Mom

Fam shot on the quad slide

The plantation bought new tractor bikes; Elena tried these last year, and had a lot of trouble staying on the pedals, and the bikes were rickety.  This year, Vivian and Elena needed minimal help!  That's a HUGE change, especially for E!

Burnin' rubber

I am so psyched E is doing it herself!

The Hay Barn was also a huge hit.  Both kids love the ropeswing, and E didn't slip as much while walking in the hay.

Swing E

Swing Viv

We cheered for our favorite pig during the pig races, and saw baby goats, and all sorts of farm animals. Both kids LOVED the zipline, it might be their favorite attraction (besides the pumpkins).  Elena doesn't have quite enough momentum to make it across on her own--the staff got a lot of exercise helping the kids.  Vivian got a lot of help too--my bets are, next year they'll be on their own.

Viv gets a push

I let E have a piggyback after all her ziplining

Pretty Pumpkin Head


Viv is catching up to Elena


We had to skip the corn maze this year.  We were hoping to do it, but we were running out of time and the kids were both running out of energy.  We'll probably hit another one closer to home before the season is through.

Hayride Sisters

Scouring the pumpkin patch for a perfect pumpkin is a lot of work.  Every year, Elena gets caught in the vines and trips, or gets stuck--her best distance in the pumpkin patch on her own was approximately 3 feet.  Not this year.  She navigated the entire patch on her own, using one or two crutches.  She didn't carry her pumpkin (she wanted to)--but neither did Vivian, they were just too heavy and awkward.  Jason did carry our entire pumpkin haul for a discount at checkout (FIND THAT PICTURE), which was pretty impressive!

Pumpkin Patch 2013

The Haul

Again, a very successful trip.  We'll be back next year!

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Just the Tip said...

We live in Spotsy but have never gone there since it's sooo expensive. We've always found somewhere else but I had no idea HOW MUCH they had to do!!

Looks like both girls had a blast!!