Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Well, Halloween this year was one crazy adventure after another.  Jason ended up having an overseas trip for work; his parents graciously offered to come down and help out.  This was fantastic, obviously b/c the kids love it when Nana and PopPop visit, but this was also my last week at my job and I had a lot projects to try to finish up.  Oh, and start (and finish) the girls' halloween costumes.

Carving pumpkins!
Jack-O-Lantern Girls

I might have figured out how to use my sewing machine on my own, but never in enough time to finish the costumes for Halloween.  Vivian chose to be a "real bat" this year--a fuzzy body, big wings, an upturned nose and big ears.  The nose was the only thing we didn't deliver.  Elena decided to be a bat too, which worked great with her crutches (it's a little hard to see in these pictures).  Right as I was finishing some ties for Elena's crutches, I put my needle down and our cat Temple ATE IT.  Nana and PopPop spent the evening at the emergency vet (bless their hearts) while I gave out candy and Jason took the girls trick-or-treating.

Viv shows off her wings

E's wings are tied to her crutches

The girls were out for a little over an hour, walked at least two miles, and got a nice load of candy.  E was limping a little--that might be a strong word for it--she was walking funny, I imagine it was spasticity compensating for fatigue.  Still, she was in a great mood.  Temple had her needle removed and was home the next morning.  Huge thanks to Nana and PopPop for saving Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Those are really cool bat costumes, I love how you always incorporate Elena's crutches

Margot said...

Elena was probably walking funny because of the bat wings. When I have something on my crutches it changes my walk and those are big. They are incredibly cute and clever and Elena could obviously handle the wings so the limping is probably not a big deal. It is good to stay active in cold weather and any messages or actives that focus on the tightest areas like hip flexers etc will help her.

Amy said...

Great costumes!!!!!