Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pre-Summer Recap, Part I

We've had a lot going on here.  Kids are busy; the biggest difference is my difficulty with my knee, which is painful and time/energy consuming. I just looked back at the blog, and my goodness there's a lot missing! I'll try to put it back in order.

A New Arrival

The girls finally got to meet their new baby cousin!  Vivian has never met a baby this young. Elena loves babies, and couldn't get enough of G.

Viv attempting to hold G
E holding G

Fun Run

Every year there is a fun run for our school. It is very hilly, and typically on a hot day. This year it was sweltering hot. Elena and Vivian both wanted to run--Viv did the 50 and 100 yard dash, and Elena ran the half mile.
Run Vivian!
The half mile/mile course is no joke. I had a rough time getting around the 'flat' parts, given my injured knee. I knew Elena could handle the terrain, but I wasn't sure she could finish the course given the heat and crouch issues. She wanted to run, and so it was. She started with her classmates--she was left behind in all of 10 seconds. Jason was with her, in case she got too tired or fell in a ditch (she didn't).

Most kids finished the course by the time she was 1/4 through. Vivian and I kept cheering. As she passed the other parents hanging out by the course, they started cheering too.

And then something happened. I couldn't really see it, b/c it was out of my range-but the kids who had finished (and their siblings and friends and parents) started to congregate near the finish. I finally walked to the finish line and saw all these people, mostly Elena's schoolmates, walking with her, cheering her on, clapping the whole way to the end. It was beautiful.

Strong Finish!

Strawberry Season!

We went picking this year-Elena did a great job with one crutch. We even had enough to make jam!

Sisters at the Orchard
A Fine Specimen

Later on the kids hosed off in the sprinkler. A great way to usher in the season!

Sprinkler Time

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