Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome Summer!

This week Elena and Vivian had their last day of Fourth grade and Kindergarten, respectively.  Both are ready for summer!

Welcome Home for Summer!

This year has been HUGE for both kids.  Vivian loves school, and was totally ready for full school days.  Halfway through the year, I let her join an after school activity (tap dancing). She is very bright, is a voracious reader, is a quick math study and loves to play with friends. She has grown leaps and bounds socially. My only concern for her is that first grade will not be challenging (we are pursing options about that).

Elena had a banner year. Fourth grade means real grades, not just a number system for effort and mastery. Elena struggled with math at the beginning of the year. She studied and practiced hard, and with the help of her Math Coach, she ended up finishing this year with straight As!  THAT IS HUGE. She worked through lots of knee pain. She auditioned for and won the lead in the school musical and was AMAZING. We had more playdates than ever. She passed all her SOL tests--for the first time EVER! She has grown more responsible, more mature, more accountable, and more social.

Both girls are healthy and happy, enjoyed school--but very ready for a well-deserved break!  Every year I make them a chalk welcome on our driveway. They enjoyed running all over it. We've made our Summer Bucket List, and we're ready to start checking them off!

Chalk Work under fire

Water Fight

Water Fight

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