Wednesday, October 4, 2017

End of Summer Wrap-Up

Time has flown by again. So here's the recap (I have a lot to write about since school started!).

Solar Eclipse
We all enjoyed the solar eclipse from our front porch. The kids had friends over, and they kept darting in and out, watching through our shields/solar glasses. My family loves astronomy, so this was a special treat!


First day of school! 

Vivian: 3rd Grade
Elena: 7th Grade

The beginning of school is always a rough transition...the girls felt like they were ready for school (they were) but not ready for the summer to end (we were pretty busy, in the best way--but maybe not enough lazy time?). More on that later.

We were lucky to spend a spur-of-the-moment kayaking day with our friends the N family! I snagged a spot for myself and the girls (Jason was out of town) on tandem kayaks (Viv went with TN). It was PERFECT. The weather was great, the kayak outfitters were so kind and helpful, there was transportation to/from the boat launch, and everyone had their fair share of paddling, swimming, wildlife watching, ropeswinging, getting stuck on rocks, and riding "rapids". Seriously it was perfect. We cannot wait to go again (the kids are begging to kayak again)--but there hasn't been enough rain.

Viv swam to our boat for a picture

Sherando Lake
The following day we joined our friends the S-R family during their annual camping weekend. It rained most of that weekend, so we declined camping (hence the kayaking) but managed to spend the nicest day of the weekend out there. The girls were excited to play with friends, especially in the (COLD) lake.

Makeshift rowboat is much harder than paddling a kayak

We also met a very nice gentleman, Bill, volunteering at the campgrounds, who helped our girls fish.
After everyone caught a fish, we finally headed home.

As we were getting in the van on our way to school, I found this little guy in the grass right before the lawn mowers came through! We named him (her?) Clyde.

Box Turtle hatchling!

We've never seen a box turtle so tiny! We released him close to where we found him--but without the threat of giant cutting machines. Good luck buddy!

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