Saturday, October 25, 2008

Care providers for Elena

This is a short/ongoing list of providers for Elena. Different places have different names for some of the programs or positions, but these are the ones we have:

Dr. Josh—delivered E.

NICU Nurses—Kitty, Nicole, Paula, Esther, Joe (to name a few favorites)

Anne Peery—lactation consultant

Brenda XXX—my mental health counselor

Dr. Ashby Robert Trundle—pediatrician

Dr. Blackman—developmental pediatrician at KCRC

Dr. Houlihan—E’s developmental pediatrician at KCRC (post-CP diagnosis)

Dr. Mark Abel—E’s pediatric orthopaedic doctor

Theresa McCullough—main PT (EI, private)

Teresa Andrews—sub PT (EI, private)

Jen XXX—sub PT (private)

Sarah James—main speech T (EI, private)

Elayne Fitzgerald—Horses As Healers, therapeutic horseback riding

Cecily, Fun Brian—Little Gym teachers

Bryan Fuller—orthotist

Edward Parelhoff—pediatric ophthamologist

Jeff Elias—neurosurgeon

Sherry Lord—Public School PT

Maureen Tilley—Public School SpT

Judy Spellman—Public School OT (currently not in use, but will be)

IEP coordinator (used to be Neil) Cathy Wojik

Delores Alt (now Cassandra)—Care Advantage Plus rep (Medicaid provider)

Kelly Peters—EI coordinator (lost after we left EI)

Dave Carmines—gait analysis engineer

Patty Payne—PT at KCRC (gait analysis center)

Duane Bickers—dentist

Geisha Goodman—Bright Stars teacher (public school program)

Ruth XX—Bright Stars assistant

Ariel—PE Teacher (public school)

Beth—PE assistant (public school)

Annette--nanny (of course)

Susan XXX—RN, case worker for Southern Health (my/E's primary insurance)

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