Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Long Overdue...RECAP!

Hi Doodlers in Blogland,

As usual, I am exhausted before 9pm. But I wanted to put out an update, b/c we are still crushing it here, and I am holding together. It won't be the most beautiful recap, and I'm not putting up pictures b/c it takes too long and I feel the urge to put something up--so here it goes!

Jason moved out in June. He still lives in town. The kids are taking it okay.

We had a busy, fun summer. We went to the beach, a friend's beach, they had summer camp (E had two sleep way camps! she loved them!), sleepovers, went to some cool events. Lots of kayaking (kids kayak free for the summer here-I'm trying to get E to be independent. Didn't make it on her own kayak b/c it didn't rain enough here!). Elena pursued and earned a volunteer job at the local SPCA, which is great!

Kids started school. Elena started high school (!) 9th grade. I have permission to write about her experience, but I'll have to elaborate later (i'm too tired!)--the bottom line is she is doing GREAT. She is keeping up academically (it really hasn't gotten too hard yet, though), her math tutoring over the past year has paid off (she likes algebra!!), and she is involved in a few clubs. The school is HUGE, and for the first time in...what, 5 years? I don't think her "fall crouch" is actually that bad--WHICH IS AWESOME!--and I attribute that to the exercise and stretching we've been doing. I am so proud of her, it's a big change, and she is really flourishing.

Vivian is doing okay. She is in 5th grade, she loves school. She is very sensitive to personal relationships, so this is a fragile time for her. She loves her therapist (we all have one) and she is coping okay, I think she just wants an ear that isn't me. I started her in jazz dance and SHE LOVES IT. She keeps busy with friends, girl scouts, dance, and baseball. She is looking forward to the holidays and her birthday. She will get her epilepsy meds increased this week, b/c she's having a big growth spurt. I anticipate a lot of fatigue and moodiness with this increase; it's better than having seizures (she hasn't had one in over a year!).

We all ran the Women's Four Miler at at the end of August. It was a big deal for Elena; she can walk 5 miles per day, but 4 miles at once was A LOT. I'll write more about that experience b/c she was awesome. Viv ran the whole thing--yay!

As for me...I am okay. I've been doing this. I can do this. I'll keep doing this. I could use a break. I don't get many. I feel like my head and heart are in the right place; I'll find a good balance, even though I don't have it right now.

And Dad is doing okay too. He was one year post-op in September. That's a big deal for a glioblastoma patient. He finishes his chemo in a few months, and then it's wait and see. He's been a great patient, my mom has been the best rock for all of us.

Thanks for reading. More when I have energy!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to finally read an update from you! I'm so glad Elena and Vivian are doing well academically, physically and socially! A person who loves Algebra is super smart! I saw the photos on Instagram links of the run with Viv and Elena. Both girls are becoming gorgeous, strong, self confident women! I was surprised to see how tall Vivian is now! Interesting that you made the observation about Elena and exercise because I noticed the same thing, the more I move with Cerebral Palsy, the less I have spasticity or pain. Keep up the good work. I'm so sorry you and Jason separated but I'm glad he's close by when you all need him. I'm so glad you Dad is okay with his cancer treatments! Prayers to your father for recovery! Keep us posted when you can!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hooray, Elena! You love algebra.

It is full of logical and formal thinking and it stretches your brain is so many ways.

[So does geometry and trigometry].

Good news too, about the sleepaway camps.

Canoeing independently and kayaking independently would be so good.

There are paraevents in both water sports and sailing season is beginning in October for me.

Anonymous - good point about the moving. I think Rob Quinn has said that too.

Thoughts for your father - and good research and development.