Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bday Weekend: Happy E, Cranky Mommy

Last weekend E was invited to A's birthday party. She was so excited, they were all going to Build-A-Bear Workshop and then to a park for the bday picnic. It sounded great! E was very excited about the stuffed animal process. She picked a lamb, and after a lot of jokes from Mommy as to what to name him, she actually insisted on keeping one of the suggestions.

Ch operates the blower while E "air-washes" Delicious

E wanted Delicious to have a baby carrier; I thought it was a fine idea--mainly b/c Elena does not have any backpacks, and she's never tried to move with one. Here goes--note her right heel is up (I'm pretty sure she's out of her shoe there) and that her weight is constantly on her left.

E and M-E at the computers

After the BaBW, the kids met up at one of the parks around town. I've written about how difficult it can be to handle Elena on grass...but this upped the difficulty by adding a "splayground", a sprinkler-splash playground. Uh-oh.

INSERT PICTURE OF PARK HERE (I don't have one yet)

I knew about it--but hadn't ever been there. I didn't know the playground would be a little "downhill"--but she navigated it okay with her crutches (with contact guarding)--but it took a lot out of her (and me, since I have to be rightthere when she's climbing a playground). I brought E's bathing suit, her crutches and her rain boots, hoping that *maybe* she could keep her braces on under the boots around the sprinklers. After I got there...NO WAY. She couldn't wear her braces in the splayground--they'd get soaked, and give her blisters--and she can't use her crutches without her AFOs/shoes. We currently don't have any walkers. Even with holding hands, it would be a challenge, and there were TOO MANY KIDS to just let her crawl around. I had a friend watch E while I surveyed the scene...there was NO WAY to work this playground other than for me to be her permanent attachment. I was very pouty, and I got very wet. Lately, when E is around her peers I have been noticing how similar they act--NOT HERE. It was a shock to me how very different, how very behind E is motor-wise during this part of the party. I left very frustrated, which was NOT my intention. *sigh*

But--the very most important thing, E had a great time. Honestly--never once said how slow she was, or she didn't want me to be around, or that she was always last or everyone had already left for the next activity. So, I must be doing something right. She had a BLAST, and loved seeing everyone at the party. We're thankful to be invited, and so glad that everyone is so nice to E. Happy Bday A!

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