Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PT recap: Catching and Chairs

Warm-ups for trying to keep those heels down: walking with downward pressure from the hips (not shown), cues to "smush her heels" (not shown), then the Bounce Catch drills:

I had brought up to Theresa my observations of Elena not being able to isolate her legs while sitting up (the idea of scooting down a slide, while staying up, or getting off a bench without a handhold). A good amount of time was testing her ability to maneuver herself on and off a sitting platform--this one had a place for her to hold onto. She did better than I thought she would. There are more videos of her Chair Trials on The Doodle; here are shown the highlights.

Getting up, transitioning well from climbing to sitting forward:

Theresa showing Elena weight shifts:

E trying these weight shifts (this is the second try):

My hope is that when she realizes how to shift her weight while in a sitting position, she will be better able to differentiate her midsection and her hips/legs while staying in a stable upright position--so she can stay upright while dynamically moving (like going down a slide, or scooting off an elevated flat surface).

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