Monday, August 31, 2009

PT recap: Shoes-oui. AFOs? NON!

I will be posting over this, with pics/video, but last week E went to PT (Jason took her, as I had to be at work early) and Theresa had E work with her shoes on, but without her braces. Jason said she did pretty well--but, in all honesty, I didn't believe him.

Theresa asked us to find shoes to fit her feet, not to fit her AFOs. We found a cheap sturdy pair at our favorite store. It was a real treat to see her in shoes without braces! And much to my surprise--off she went, a little more unstable than usual, and took 5 steps to the next bench in the store! WOW!

I have heard of kids "outgrowing" the need for their AFOs. I thought this *might* happen for E, after she stops growing, before her twenties or so--and then only for short amounts of time. And just b/c she took some steps without her AFOs on doesn't mean it's happening soon--she can't take more than 3 steps in bare feet--but still, I was AMAZED that she moved as well as she did wearing only sneakers!

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Kristen said...

That is really great. I bet you had a spring in your own step that day. :)