Saturday, October 17, 2009

PT recap: Bowling and Standing up

This week Theresa had E trying to walk down the ramp with her crutches. She can do this around town, but the decline may not be as steep. One of our goals is for Elena to be able to walk with her crutches up and down hills. She's getting it. First, bowling;

Then, going down to get the balls:

Not too bad!

Later in the session E worked on getting up to standing from the floor--at mat, actually, which probably upped the difficulty. Overall she did well--she looks better than she has in the past. She is able to get the soles of her feet under her rear, shift her weight back, and start to push through the legs to stand up. Pushing all the way up, while maintaining balance, is the biggest challenge right now, as well as standing motionless once all the way up (i.e., not falling forward). This drill was done several times in succession, and she got very frustrated and started standing up quickly (to be done with it) without regard to balance, so she fell right back down (adding to the frustration). This vid is actually at the end of the trials, after she got focused.

Yay E! Practice will make perfect!