Monday, October 26, 2009


E's sister Vivian was born just before Halloween last year; we called her "La Pumpkina". Elena has gone to Belvedere Plantation for their Pumpkin Patch for the past 2 years--it is THE BEST! Even years ago, when Elena was not as mobile as she is now, there is so much for her to keeps on getting better, every year. Pumpkins, picture opportunities, corn mazes, face painting, little ride-on tractors, haystacks to climb, slides, ziplines, pig races, tractor train, hayrides, petting zoo...the list goes on and on! This year our friend Oia (who also has cerebral palsy) and her family came with us. We brought our wagon and E's crutches--she mostly rode in the wagon, as the terrain is "extreme" (hills, valleys, rocks, hay, etc.) but she did a fair amount of walking and climbing.

E and Viv arrive at Belvedere Plantation

Our Family

E and Oia at the top of the haybale

E's on top of the World!

Daddy and Vivo in the Pebblebox

My two little Pumpkinas

E on the Zipline

Viv on the Zipline

E, Viv (and I), Oia (and Aunt B) on the Tractor Train

E, Mo, and Oia on the way to the Pig Races

Hayriding to the Pumpkin Patch

E, Oia, and their pumpkins--Viv is losing interest

Hours at the Plantation makes very tired kids...overall, the girls were really well behaved. Viv started losing it at the end of our stay, so E kept her busy--being a great big sister the whole time!

Now all we have to do is find time to carve those pumpkins!

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