Saturday, October 17, 2009

PT recap: New challenges

At PT last week we worked a little without E's AFOs on. Sometimes this is a nice break, as it's a new challenge for her, and it keeps PT fresh. We're still trying to get Elena to understand that we want her feet flat when she steps. Reminding her about it (her right foot, especially) is like a broken record. Still, when given a voice cue, she does it.

When she's on Shoe Breaks at home, she's recently started taking some steps (maybe 3-5) to get somewhere. Walking barefoot is a very new thing for E (normally she crawls). She is completely on her toes when she does this. Still, she's never done it we have to start somewhere!

One of my biggest issues right now with E's walking is since she can ambulate in some way to get from A to B, she isn't interested in doing it "better". She wants to do it her way, b/c she knows she can do it, and she's fast. I think this will be an issue, with many things, for many years to come...

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