Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Craziness

Truth: our family hardly ever watches television. We certainly don't follow football--but we LOVE the Super Bowl! Especially when we have a reason to root for the underdog. My Favorite Aunt Stacy lives in New Orleans...GO SAINTS!

She was very excited when I told her she could wear "makeup" like the football players.

E practiced her football moves all weekend. Here is her take on "how you play football":
-When you are the quarterback, you throw the ball.
-Then a player catches it. You tuck the ball under your arm so no one can take it.
-Then you run and make a touchdown.

No Problem.

After watching the game for a few minutes, I had to explain the "tackle". I told E "when you are trying to make a touchdown, the other team wants to stop you, so they try to knock you down".

"Wow Mommy...they REALLY don't want him to make a touchdown." LOL


caryanne said...

Go Saints! And Go E! She did great!

Katy said...

Well, you've got a Saints fan over here too! Charlie paid no attention to the game whatsoever--maybe if Ms. Rachel from signing time had made an appearance:)