Saturday, February 6, 2010


Another big snow, another adventure! They're calling it "Snowmageddon" around here. We are loving it.

We started off creating a snow castle--I used a bread pan to make snow bricks. It was working very well, until E leaned on it too much and sent a wall crashing down (before I could reinforce it). Turns out that didn't really matter...with the weather as it was, and some pretty destructive boys, the Breadpan Castle wasn't going to make it through the night. Sad, b/c I didn't get a picture of the partially made, but still very impressive fortress.

So I started a new project--something E could lean on and help build. We made a snowboat! I give you Captain Elena, of the S.S. Doodle!

Lots of snow, lots of shoveling, lots of days out of school. Mom and Dad are tired.

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