Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Day

We got another big snow! We were all SO excited to get out and play!

This snow wasn't very good for making a snowman; it was very fine and powdery. Everyone got to go sledding!

Even though this blog is about E, I feel it's necessary to highlight E's little sister, Vivian, here too. Last snow she really didn't get to experience it much.

This was a short excursion...Viv got a faceful of snow and managed to lose her gloves. Crying ensued.

Not sure how much she enjoyed this.

Most of the sledding was with me, but here is E and Jason. Look how E stands up while Daddy brings up the sled!

Our Snowgirls

And the ALMOST GREATEST SNOW VID TO DATE: E sledding by herself! Well...almost. She totally did this hill right before I ran in the house to get Jason to film another attempt. It looks like I set E up to fail, but HONESTLY the previous run (E's first ever with this sled), E sat on this little saucer and held on to the handles the whole way down, including a full spin. She wanted to try it, she DID it, she was SO unbelievably proud of herself (as was I)! So, we tried it again...which is this clip. Undeterred, E wanted to try it again. That ended up much like this clip. Then we went in to warm up.


Chris said...

That's awesome - not sure what the problem was with the last sledding run - my girls and I tip the sled just about every time too! Isn't that half the fun of sledding :)

オテモヤン said...
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