Sunday, January 31, 2010

PT Recap: CME with Molly

We've been doing PT twice a week for about a month now (Theresa and Molly); my original plan was to do this until we got a week-long intensive block of CME in Toronto. Since that is proving difficult, I'm not sure how long we can keep up this schedule. Until then, I'm learning as much as I can to try to challenge E.

Here is Molly doing some new CME exercises with Elena. (There are normally more posted on E's youtube channel, The Doodle.)

The Road--E is supposed to take as few steps as possible. Last week, it took her 11 steps. Here it's 7. Yay!

The Mountain--she did it better the second time, but she still looks good here.

We have CME with Molly at 330 on Fridays...E is pretty tired after school. Still, she is normally in a very cooperative mood and Molly keeps her going. E is such a hard worker!

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