Friday, January 1, 2010

After Christmas Party

Two of E's neighbor friends turned 3 right after Christmas. (Happy Bday L and K!) We were invited to their party--E is the only non-walker at this point. A lot of these kids are pretty close, as they play together often or attend the same school/day care/church. They run, chase, roughhouse...things E doesn't do. Still, they are all very nice to her, and E enjoys their company and, so far, doesn't seem to mind that she's not in the chase game or something like that.

Some of the kids were playing with balloons around the room. It was a first for us...a gross-motor activity that E's peers do that now SHE CAN DO TOO! Sure, E falls a lot. But sometimes she didn't! She walked to the balloon, stopped, picked it up, turned around and walked while carrying it, then threw it! She did it several times and really enjoyed herself. Here is one clip, not her best, but I did get it on camera.

Good times, great company, and even some milestones for E. Yay!

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