Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Great Start to the New Year

Well, here is what E did when she went to work with me today.

Oh...and this too.

And there's more! She did it THREE TIMES, along with a few other semi-successful attempts, as well as walking down some other hallways. This is her longest walk to date. AND, this was AFTER her Feldenkrais session late this morning...she has GOT to be tired. UPDATE: I measured the length of this hallway; the portion that Elena walks is 100 feet. The entire hallway is between 115-120 feet, but E tends to start a little within the entrance and stop before the link exit.



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CP and Me said...

Wow, she's doing so great! We have just recently started to follow her progress, as I found your blog thru the CP moms listserv. Our daughter Hannah just turned 4, has mild to moderate spastic diplegia, and we're considering SDR for her. I've found your blog to be a really great resource-thank you! Hannah uses a walker to get around and is pretty independent in it, so now we're introducing forearm crutches. She's in a therapy-resistant phase lately (maybe too much holiday fun, maybe a growth spurt, who knows?!) and so tonight I had the brainstorm to show her some clips of Elena using her crutches as a motivator. It worked! She even said, "Mommy I'm pretending my name is Elena" while we were doing some of her exercises tonight:) While watching some of the clips she also said, "Wow, she's doing a really good job," and "she's so cute!"

So thanks again for charting and documenting all of E's progress; I'm sure it's therapeutic for you but it is also proving to be therapeutic for us as well!

Here's to more great things to both of our kiddos in 2010.


Erin said...

Wow! Great job, Elena!

EC said...

I wish I was as brave as Elena. This is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

How awesome is that!!

mom to Ashlyn

Anonymous said...

I love the way you incorporate her walking practice in the hall at your job.

twinmama's comment was very revealing, too - the influence of seeing another child - !