Monday, January 18, 2010

Studio Jam Session

E loves music. She (currently) requests The Beatles (when we're driving in daddy's car) and Colin James (when we're in mommy's car). She's been curious about instruments, so I contacted one of our locals to see if she could observe a rehearsal.

Imagine my surprise when he invited us to his studio! He said he'd love to show E some instruments, and give her an opportunity to play them. E was very excited!

She first wanted to try the piano. She played it with both hands and all fingers. John started to play his trumpet while E was playing, and they both just kept was such a treat to see. None of us--our family--had experienced anything like it. E's interest in the sound and feel of the piano, and John's encouragement was, natural, flowing. What a special treat!

E tried the trumpet. She got a teeny sound out of the mouthpiece. She kept trying to talk through it, or use it like a kazoo. She was a little dissapointed. Then she got the opportunity to try out the drum set. She definitely likes the loudness of it. I held her so she wouldn't accidentally fall.

E left the session saying, "I want to be a musician when I grow up!"

Thank you so much to John D'earth, for taking time out to share this musical experience with us!


John said...

Wow, that's awesome. I'm jealous!

Mo said... are a ROCKSTAR! We hope to see you again soon!

Mo and Oia

Allison said...

how awesome was that day! Thanks for the updates Amy.

Meadow said...

She is SO COOL! What a treat to be able to do that and get a great accompaniment to boot! AWESOME haircut, by the way! It really suits her.

Katy said...

Came here from Caleigh's Corner!

How awesome that she was able to play all those real instruments. My little one loves music too.

Unknown said...

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thank you so much