Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Goals

I have to write "Goals" instead of "Resolutions", b/c that's really what they are. Here is what I've come up with for E this year--some of this has been discussed with her therapists, some of it is my own design. In no particular order:

--E will be completely potty trained. We are really making some great progress on this. E can use a standard potty without extra equipment entirely by herself, as long as she is wearing knit pants and her shoes with AFOs. She can undress, get on the toilet, wipe herself (I only trust her to do this with urine, though), dress herself, flush, and then walk to the sink to wash hands. Right now, I say outside an open door while she goes potty (just in case she runs into trouble, or she needs a voice cue). She needs more instruction on how to wipe herself after a bowel movement, and how to undress/dress herself when wearing something other than pants.

--E will make some progress to get her clothes on herself--including socks and pants. Right now, E can undress herself completely if she is wearing anything but tights. We have not worked on dressing herself at all, with the exception of putting on her jacket.

--E will be able to ambulate barefoot at the pool without scraping the tops of her feet into a bloody mess. I don't care if she uses her crutches, or walks with a hand held--just the difference of not injuring herself is a huge win. Our dorsiflexion drills and using her sneakers at home and during CME exercises (without braces) are helping this effort.

--E will be able to move backwards in some way. I tried this a while ago, asked E to take a few steps backwards. She did pretty well--she did three steps in place. Backwards is a whole different game.

--Elena will jump, and get some air under her feet, without holding on to something. Even if it's a millimeter. She can almost do this, her confidence and desire is there. I didn't say she would stay upright afterwards, though.

--E will be able to go up and downstairs herself, with supervision. E can do this with one hand on a standard railing and the other hand held. I'd love to be able to just be next to her without her hand holding mine in a death grip.

--Elena will be able to hold hands with a friend and walk a little. Normally if another little person tries to hold E's hand while they move around, they both end up on the floor. E's balance is getting better, so she might be better equipped to deal with being tethered to someone her own size.

And Resolutions for me:

--Keep up with this blog. Especially reach out to those who have supported me by reading it. Thank you.

--Commit to doing CME exercises with E at home. Once a week, for a good 20+minute session with block equipment; certain exercises a minimum of 4 days a week (ideally every day, but I'm being realistic).

--Spend some one-on-one time with Vivian. I spend A LOT of time and effort on Elena, and I think that is important...but I want Viv to know she is equally loved and cherished.

--Try to find some time for myself. I know all you parents out there are like, OF COURSE, if only that were so easy. HA!

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