Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Weekend

What an Awesome Weekend!

We started it off with a trip to Short Pump with our buddy Oia and her family. It was just me and the girls; Oia's mother and father both met us, which was crucial, b/c I cannot handle both kids on foot, outside the house, and keep them safe (E needs supervision, as does Vivian, who now moves too fast to keep the group together). Our arrival excitement was subdued when we had to get back to our car and found THIS

and I could not get the door open (yes it is parked in the space between two handicapped parking spots, and there was a car occupying each space). I was SERIOUSLY ANGRY, ready to be completely inappropriate around my children, if the driver of that car was anywhere nearby. I went to get him ticketed--I didn't go back to the car again for hours, after which the car was no longer there. For the record, unless you are having a baby, a heart attack, or some other health emergency, that is NOT EVER OKAY. And if you are the driver of this car VA LICENSE PLATE XMH-5052, or know who is, I have some choice words for you.

Ahem. Moving on,

We played in Pottery Barn Kids and rode the toddler train, which Vivian apparently likes to ride standing up on the seats. It was a gorgeous day and everyone had a great time, until Vivian lost it (after naptime) and we had to go.

The Girls Playing at PBK

Right before Viv's meltdown: E and Oia (and Oia's parents) walk to the Toddler Train. This is the first time E has walked any significant distance while holding a friend's hand (without falling). What a great gift. Vid is here (it's super short).

Sunday, Mother's Day, was special indeed. Jason took E to Yoga, and I put Viv down for a nap and did nothing. I just dorked around on the computer, ignoring chores, dishes, all other kinds of mess, and drank my coffee while Viv had her morning nap. After lunchtime, Jason and I packed up the kids for the soccer field. It was the last game of the season for my team, and the first time both my kids were at the field with me this year. We brought two cars, thinking that once the kids got too difficult to handle Jason would take them home. We also brought E's new lawn chair (pink, complete with umbrella) in case she wanted to sit. She did--she wanted to be my cheerleader. And was she EVER! She was LOUD, cheering her head off, even when nothing was happening on the field. It was adorable. Jason spent the entire first half keeping Vivian from running onto the field. Once the halftime whistle blew, Viv ran to me. It was awesome. She ran to me, yelling "MA!! MA!!" and a huge grin on her face. I realized that I was the only mother playing that game, on either team. Pretty darn special. Jason and Viv left after halftime; E and I played some soccer until the start of the second half. She sat back in her chair, and cheered us on to a great win! After the game I took us to get mini-slurpees, and she even carried her slurpee cup (with lid) to the checkout, stopped, and stood holding it until it was our turn to pay. She was very proud of herself.

I went to work, and then we all went out to dinner, spur-of-the-moment. It's difficult going to a nice meal with two young kids, the younger of which has a very short attention span at the table. Still, we're used to it, and it was a great meal with the best company.

I often think about how much being a mother has changed my life. It's revolutionized my life. I thank E in my thoughts often for first making me a mother...for showing me unconditional love, support, courage, resolve, and appreciation for life. I thank Viv often in my thoughts, for letting me see all those things, only with less work upfront and more chasing. ;) I am thankful for my Mom, daily, for giving me a great example, and reminding me of what is truly important.

I am very proud, and very blessed, for being Mommy to two amazing girls.

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