Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PT recap: Good movement

E was great at PT last week. She started it off by pulling a toy into the therapy room. This is a short video--but check out this POSTURE! No AFOs, standing very tall! Note this is NOT E's usual position. Normally her knees are bent, and her right knee slightly caved in (you see this is in the video too). But she CAN stand very, very nicely!

Here is E doing another obstacle course.

And one on an incline--this is a long movie. I am there as a spotter in case E falls. I'm also trying to observe how Theresa helps operate E on an incline/decline--this is something I have not had the courage to try at home. Inclines would certainly be easier if E's tendons weren't so tight!

Theresa ended the session with a few walking drills for E. The object was to stand up, carry a car across the room, STOP, and slowly bring the car to the starting line. Then she was to stand up, walk back to the other car(s), STOP, and repeat with the next cars--a total of three cars, one for each of us for a car race. Elena's main issue here is stopping--she cannot reliably stop her forward walking motion wearing her sneakers without AFOs. She can reliably slow down, as she falls to the floor.

Overall, a very productive morning!


Janet said...

I wanted to thank you for sharing these videos. My little guy is quite a bit younger and less advanced than E but it is so encouraging to see her improvement. She is so chatty and just too cute for words. :) Go E go!

Kat said...

Way to go, E! :)