Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday!

Dear Elena,

Well, you made it, you're 5 years old! You said you are different now; that 5 feels different, the morning of your birthday, the minute you woke up. We are all so proud of you, and thankful we got to celebrate your birthday with you.
You are well on your way to doing everything by yourself, just like you said you would. You are really getting to be a big girl! Your little sister Vivian constantly follows you and wants to be like you--and be liked by you. She loves you more than "seventy-five universes". We all do.
To put it simply, you're an me, to your family, and to a lot of other people. You get frustrated with yourself--but patience is something that might take longer than your 5 wise years to learn. We will help you. You will walk in the sand, ride a bike, jump into the pool. You will run a race, score a goal, climb a hill. None of it will be easy...but we will celebrate with you, for you, about you, every step of the way.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Doodle!


Tracy said...

Dear Elena,

I have known you since you were just a tiny, tiny baby in your mom's arms. Today I celebrated your 5th birthday with you. FIVE!!! You are such a beautiful, happy, funny and kind girl. Thank you for letting us celebrate your big day with you. (Don't year you're going to need two hands to show me how old you are!!)

Happy Birthday!
Corena's and Lila's Mom (Tracy)

Belle said...

Happy birthday dear sweet Elena

Justine, Romy's Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Elena! You are growing up to be a beautiful little lady and we're so glad that we found this blog and have gotten a chance to know you and your wonderful family. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Elena!

Cary said...

Happy 5th birthday Elena! You are truly an inspiration to me (Ben's Mommy)...I look to you to see what is possible for my little boy. Keep up the hard work! You are AWESOME!

Kat said...

Happy birthday, big girl :)

Anonymous said...