Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend at Mommy's Work

E came to work with me over the weekend. We did "some science" and did a whole lot of walking around, including steps to use the bathroom down one floor. E was incredible. It was hard to get video of E doing steps, b/c I was so nervous she would fall.

E can do steps pretty well, provided she holds the rail/banister with her right hand. If you change the grip, she has a lot more trouble.

Then we walked down the hallway to the coffee ladies; I told E to try to keep her hands "low" and walk "slowly".

Here's the big one! E's new thing is "running". She ran off and on while we were at work for about two hours!

I also introduced the game "Mother May I". She always asked if she could run from A to B. I let her sometimes, and others I changed her movement to jump, walk sideways, backwards, etc.

She worked so hard this weekend! On Sunday (the running posts) we started off the workday with E in her sneakers sans AFOs and her crutches, and she walked over 400 feet around the research wing. After an experiment, I put on her shoes and AFOs at her request and then shot the running, steps, and Mother May I videos. Her endurance is definitely improving--with enough motivation, I guess!


Mo said...

Super, Super, SUPER!!!! So proud of that girl!!

caryanne said...

That was simply amazing to watch. I am in awe of that little girl.

Thanks for all the videos. They made my day.

Kat said...

You rock, E!!! :)

GingerB said...

Oh, those running videos left me in tears! She is fantastic!

Claire LOVED her birthday card, and the bracelet and stick-on earrings were wonderful.