Sunday, April 18, 2010

PT Recap: Balance challenges

E has been doing very well in PT. Sometimes she's really ON. Others, well, we know she's not going to really engage. I think that's perfectly typical of a girl E's age.

Here are some highlights:

Theresa had E initiate AND complete weight shifts (shown below). She is holding an egg in an egg spoon; as the session went on, we gave her shallower spoons to see if she could keep them from falling.

I talked to her about "egg races", only we call them an "egg pass" b/c I don't want her thinking she needs to race/hurry.

Here is E trying the egg exchange:

Later on in the week, with Molly; this is just a stretching session, but I loved what E was telling me...

And trying to get E to walk downhill. We tried this later without Molly holding on; Elena can go down most of the way in a controlled manner, but once she thinks she is "at the bottom", she'll lean forward to anything she can reach.

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