Thursday, April 8, 2010

School of Hard Knocks

Today we had some dear friends over. They are VERY good friends, and the two kids are so sweet to E. They all play together well, and know not to pull or push E b/c she can lose her balance easily. Overall, it's just *easy* b/c everyone knows the situation, and it's just not a big deal.

And then, something happened.

The friends had to leave, so E went to the front door to open it for them (it's her new "trick"). Everyone was saying goodbyes, giving hugs as they were working their way out the door. And then little Vivian joined in, pushing her way to the door--and like dominoes, everyone shifted. E was the one closest to the door, and she tumbled out.

Out the door, down the one step, right onto the cobblestone, hitting her head.

I'm pretty sure she put her hand down, at least a little, to brace herself. It's one of those situations that you can see coming--and that you're *always* worried about, as a parent of a child that is prone to head injuries. But I just wasn't fast enough.

Everyone felt bad, especially Elena--I'm sure it HURT.

It makes for a tough ending to an otherwise great evening. One ice pack and 10 minutes later, E is smiling and laughing again. I wish it wasn't so rough on her. Sometimes, anyway--I don't spend too much time dwelling on it, b/c hey--this is the way it is. And truthfully, E is one tough cookie. She takes a lot of bumps and bruises. I know kids in general do, but it's just different. Accidents happen to everyone. Just more often to E.

I guess it's getting to me tonight.

UPDATE: Elena has fallen 5 times badly--head/neck injuries, this past week. She falls often, yes, but normally has the ability to protect her head/not fall too badly. One of these falls gave her a gash on her ear, and the other she impaled her neck on a bench. Obviously I am concerned. I have spoken to her docs/professionals about first guess was the her shoes were too small (that is NOT the case, yet anyway); the second, was she was ill (her sister had some bug, but E never really manifested much); the third, and most likely case, is that at the end of the day, her endurance is shot and she's just too physically tired to keep up with what she wants to do. I am encouraging her to use her crutches, or take a shoe break, do a puzzle, something that does not involve walking around...


Meadow said...

Ouch. Oh Amy, I'm sorry--that's a crappy way to end an otherwise fun night. I know, we wish we could roll the kiddos up in bubble wrap; if only that were a practical solution! I'm glad to hear she bounced back quickly, though. That resiliency will serve E well!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That would get to me, too.

Glad to read she recovered quickly.

GingerB said...

My PT warned me that CP kids have a lot of goose-eggs on the noggin. I'm not sure I'm glad he told me, so I could worry about it along with everything else. I'm glad your daughter is so hard-headed!

twinmama said...

Hannah has already gotten 9 stitches in her chin, loosened a front tooth and had many a bump on the head. Sounds like they are sisters in pain:( It's so hard because the last thing we want is another head injury for our kids. Of course all kids fall, like you said, but it really IS different when it's a kid with CP. My heart always races like mad when Hannah takes one of her diggers. Sounds like E is a trouper, though.