Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter--including an Indoor/Outdoor Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter!

E and Viv had a great time up at Grandma and Grandpa's house. As usual, E got to play "kitchen" and made food for everyone.

We dyed eggs--or as E says it, "dived eggs", late Saturday evening.

After church, we had an Easter Egg hunt! E has done this before--inside the house. She is very good at it now, and loves the hunt. We try to stress that it isn't a race, and that works well. This year she carried her basket for the first time. She didn't have any problems inside the house (relatively flat, lots of handholds). Vivian joined the hunt, too. She liked the eggs when she found one, but didn't know what to do with it besides shake it.

We also had an outdoor egg hunt!

E did pretty well on the pavement and surrounding areas. There were some eggs through the grass, and that proved too difficult. Granted, the grass was long...but I think even if it were freshly mowed, it would have been too difficult this year. The hardest parts were the edging by the mulch (little "dips" prove troublesome) and the fact that she was carrying a large object. Vivian, on the other hand, loved it--she ADORES being outside, and especially loves tumbling in the grass. Elena likes grass, but not the falling part. :)

Great job, girls!

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