Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Cinderella Story

I took E and her friend H to the Charlottesville Ballet this weekend. We just LOVE them!!

The kids got to have a little "mini" ballet class, watch the Pas De Deux dance between Cinderella and her Prince, and then they drew life-sized paper dolls of themselves, with the idea of decorating their picture like a princess at her royal ball.

Two Ballerinas and the kids talking about dancing, and what the show will be about (E is far left, purple tutu)

I knew E would want to dance with the other girls. I got on stage with all of them, and E held my hand when she needed it, which was pretty often. But what I really enjoyed was how E didn't hesitate to try new things. She is brave. There was a moment when the kids were lining up near the back of the stage (this take a while, herding lots of little girls) and I told Elena to look out from the stage. "There are all these lights, and look, the people out in the audience love to watch you dance!" I said. I meant the "royal you", but E let go of my hand, went to center stage and started dancing. Alone. She shook her midsection, tried to keep her hands out wide sometimes, smiled, and did some turns the best she could. I followed her the best I could in case I had to catch her (I didn't)--but what I really wished is that I could have been in the audience to see that.

E loved the show. The Prince remembered her from the last performance we attended (how cool is that?!). E just calls him "The Prince". I can't wait for her to see him in a supermarket or something. ;) E and H were the last girls to pack up their drawings before we left.

E and H making "life-size paper dolls"

Can't wait for the next show!

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