Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Another GREAT year at Belvedere Plantation!

We go to this pumpkin patch every year. There are TONS of stuff for kids to do and see--this year, we didn't get to see it all. Vivian did not sleep well the night before (bad luck, I guess) and she was pretty cranky around naptime.

Elena LOVES this place. She walked A LOT this year, too! We brought our wagon (which needs to be replaced...any suggestions out there?) for the kids, and Vivian probably ended up spending more time in it than Elena--that was a HUGE surprise. E used her crutches most of the time, and her endurance was pretty good.

The first person we saw? The Pumpkin Princess! Vivian gasped "WOW! A REAL Princess!" so we had to get a picture.

Our first stop: The Kiddie Bouncer

Overall, this was a good experience. I did see a few sad expressions on Elena's on this bouncer move SO EASILY, even the very young ones, which did not escape her. But that was okay. We all had a good time, even if I was the only mom on that thing.

Barrel Train

Elena cheering Viv down the little slide tunnel (E did this too--she had to climb up a big haystack)

Always the Best Part: The Zipline

On our way

I see such improvement year-to-year in how E moves--this is really noticeable on the zipline. She did almost everything herself--up the steps (we were there with her b/c some steps did not have a handrail), launching herself on the zipline (she did need a push to get all the way across, but so did many other kids), and we were there when she let go of the zipline handle. She was SO proud of herself! We were too.

My first time letting E go alone

E launches, with Viv in the background (she needed help, which was a big deal to E)

There she goes again!

Viv loved feeding the goats

The girls are 3 and 2.5 Pumpkins Tall this year!


Corn Maze (actually, it's sorrel)

This was tougher than we didn't help that Jason went in the exit to the maze. We (mostly Jason--gotta hand it to him, he did a great job) had to do all the hints backwards, and I asked if there were any overpasses (built-up bridges with steps, since we had the wagon) and one employee said "no, not if you do it right." Well, three employees helped us hoist over the wagon near the end. The girls thought it was very exciting.

Family Slide

Pumpkin Hunting

E had a hard time with the vines around the pumpkins again this year. It's SO easy to trip! Still we all found great pumpkins, and had a great time. Vivian was done after finding a pumpkin, which is evident in this last picture.

Next year, we are so totally going to do the tractor go-karts (like a bicycle, but E is a little small) and the ropeswings (we didn't go in the barn this year--we were so busy we forgot!)!

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