Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vivian's 3rrrrd Birthday

Happy Birthday to my little ball of Entropy, Vivian! We all love you SO SO MUCH--or, as you say, "love you whole bunch THREE TIMES". It is a joy, pleasure, and honor for us to have you in our lives. Three years--feels like just yesterday.

She's been into we had a Pirate Birthday Party! ARRGH!

We had friends, pizza, pirate ships, pirate hats, pirate...moustaches?

A Puzzle Treasure Hunt! The kids helped put together a map, leading to the ultimate treasure of Birthday Cupcakes!
The map

The kids paraded together as they went on the treasure hunt. Some things are different, obviously, when E moves in a group. She is guarded when it comes to how she interacts in a large, moving group. E tends to hang back--mainly b/c she doesn't want to get knocked over and hurt. This is good news, I think...she does succeed in what the group does, just more slowly. Both E and Viv were knocked over in a stampede once they found the X that marked the spot--BUT--they were up and running after that. Overall, the kids are very conscious of E's differences and are very accepting--but I guess some considerations are forgotten in the heat of the moment. Reality checks sometimes suck--but I can only hope that everyone had a good time at the party.

V on break after the hunt

After that, yard playtime

The Girls Love Soccer!

Viv got spooked by the neighbor's Halloween decorations


E and uncle Andy

I love this picture

Thank you to all our family and friends for helping us enjoy ringing in Viv's third year!


Just the Tip said...

She seems so grown up for a 3 year old, I guess I never paid attention to her age, because I would have pegged her for 4 or so. But, I think E seems older too.

Maybe it's that whole time standing still thing.

Looks like a great party & that the girls had a blast.

Happy 3rd birthday Vivian!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Vivian!