Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Bell Run

This fall Elena wanted to run a race.  There were a few, but it never ended up happening--one of us got sick, or stayed up too late, or the weather was lousy.  Well, I found the perfect race!

The Jingle Bell Run is an annual fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, and they are held all over the country.  There was one 30 minutes away, and the course couldn't have been more perfect.

There is a 5K run and a 1-mile walk option.  We decided to do the mile as a family.  I knew E could make the distance, and I also knew it would be a challenge.  The course was very flat, but with difficulties E could manage--gravel, a little ditch here and there, and grass.  I also thought that we could finish at the same time as some of the runners--which would give Elena the experience of "not being last", which is always nice if you can get it.

Dressed and ready to go!

Warming Up
I always put names on the outside of the kids' clothing--that way they can hear their names being cheered as they run!

Making our way around the Polo Field (~1/3 into the mile)

Just past 1/2 mile mark
 Elena started to tire after 1/2 mile.  Tire, meaning more walking, some sloppy footing (no falls), and stopping.  We brought water, and I was prepared for her to sit on my knee and take a rest.  But she never did.

Approaching the finish!  Home stretch on the pavement! (Polo grounds in the rear of pic)

Viv's almost there!

E at the finishing chute!  

E finished the mile on pace; she typically walks 1/4 mile in 7-8  minutes when walking briskly or doing some running.  We were at the back of the pack when the running clock started; my timer said we finished in 30 minutes.  Pretty Solid!  Great job girls!

The girls were really proud of themselves, and had some snacks, and were congratulated by costumed race participants.  Then we headed home for hot chocolate and chilling out.


Josephine Andersen said...

This is so awesome!!!!!!! I am still super nervous about the kid's marathon for Avery... I don't know if she can do a whole mile yet, but this gives me hope :) Is Elena going to do it too?? I know Avery would love to have her by her side :) We're going to use it as an opportunity for Avery to raise some money for CURE hydrocephalus and United Cerebral Palsy, as well as for her own therapy (hippotherapy and feldenkrais).

Josephine Andersen said...

We finally got started on Avery's marathon miles yesterday! She did 0.75 miles on her trike in 16 minutes, and then she did 0.25 miles with her walker.... aaannnd, it took 26 minutes...! Obviously, she was tired from biking, but still, I'm now even more impressed that Elena was able to do a whole mile in 30 minutes!!!