Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Goals 2012: The Recap

Now that the holidays are almost over, it's time to review the goals from the beginning of this year.

1. Carry a regular umbrella, with or without crutches.  Never attempted.  She really didn't seem to want to--she loves her umbrella hat, and as one commenter noted, it is difficult bordering on unsafe at times.

2. Elena will go up and down steps (that have a banister or handrail) with only one hand holding it, one hand free, without supervision, regularly alternating right and left feet, at a good pace.   CHECK.  Elena can do this.  She does this occasionally...but we have not been diligent in encouraging her to do it on a regular basis.  I traded independence (stairs without supervision--she can crawl or walk up, and walk or slide down on her rear) for intense supervision on this one.  My Christmas present from Elena was that she would walk up and down for me, with me waiting at the bottom of the steps.  We agreed on a "belated" Christmas gift, b/c every time I mentioned it, she didn't feel like practicing (and when Christmas rolled around, she was mortified she wasn't ready).

3. Elena will take a group swim class and/or swim without floatation devices in the neighborhood pool.   I did not get around to lessons this year!  I'm still upset with myself about this one.

4. Elena will get in the bath, wash herself and her hair, get out of the bathtub, dry herself off with a towel, and put on her own pajamas.  This was attempted, but the hair washing was not entirely successful.  BUT she was able to get in and out of the large bathtub (last year it was only the smaller one), wash herself (hair had issues), get out, dry herself, and put on her pjs.  I'm giving this one a CHECK.

5. Elena will play mini golf, with one or both hands, either with or without crutches.  Never attempted.  We planned on mini golf at the beach, but it rained.

6. Elena will make her own breakfast.  Never attempted.  But she has really helped with cooking this year, including washing, peeling, and cutting (!).  She can also set the table and put food/groceries away.

7. Elena will dress herself in time for school.  CHECK.  She doesn't do it every day, but she has on occasion.

8. Elena will spend the night at a friend's house with NO meltdown.  CHECK!

9. Elena will point and flex her feet on demand.  CHECK.  Her point is not good, but it is better than it's ever been.  She has to close her eyes and concentrate, it doesn't come naturally.

10. Elena will do some of her own stretches herself before bed, instead of us moving her body to do all her stretches.  (Laughts) Admittedly, this is a pipe dream.  She does do two stretches on her own (butterfly, glute stretch) and is expected to hold "stretching" poses (frog pose, half-kneels, full stand, bridge).

Crazy goals for E?

*1. E will twirl.  No, but she can turn around in 2-3 steps.
*2. E will walk a dog, without falling while holding the leash.  CHECK!
*3. E will bike up a hill.  She did bike up a surface that was not entirely flat.  For you and me, it was pretty flat, but she really did have to work at it.  Half-check.
*4. E will ride a wave in on a float.  She did with me!  Call it a CHECK.
*5. E will catch and throw a frisbee.  Not attempted.

And goals for me:

1. Find a way to relax.  Half-check.  The fact that my husband has graduated from business school makes this easier in general.
2. Stay up after the kids go to bed. CHECK.  The fact that E goes to bed well now makes this possible.  
3. Get E on the bike more often. Myself, too--I have mine on a trainer in the garage ready to go.  Half-check.  I did, for a while...and then I ended up prepping for birthdays, parties, Brownies, etc.
4. Do some rides/runs/multisports races around town. Some of them our whole family can do together.  CHECK!
5. Find an artistic outlet.  Does making a bunch of cars for Viv's birthday count?

Next up:  2013 Goals


Anonymous said...

Great job Elena and Amy! With regards to washing hair, it is challenging in a bath. Fear not - she'll probably have a lot better luck when taking a shower and after some practice. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Elena met most of her goals. Well done Elena! I am a 19 year old with CP and my point isn't that hot either. That one could take a while but she'll get there.