Monday, December 10, 2012

Neighborhood Trek

A few weeks ago (b/c it's taken me a while to get posts up) Elena had an idea--to go on a walk.  If you know our neighborhood, it's hilly.  Really hilly.  But, it was a nice day, so--SURE-why not?

E's first choice was to walk to the store, a little less than a mile away.  There is a very dangerous intersection, so we decided to try to make our walk up to that point (not crossing the street).  Then I wondered if E could make it I decided to leave the car at the intersection, so we would have options.

Our new plan: to walk to the car, go to the store (walking through the store if she had energy) and then come home.


On our way

Going strong

Steady she goes

Big hills (arrow was where we were)

Slight slowing down; JUST A BIT

Still smiling!

One more hill to the car!

E WAS AWESOME.  She had a great pace, and only slowed down a little ONCE.  She was motivated, looking good, and very proud of herself.  

This is HUGE.  This means that she has enough stamina to go to a friend's house in the neighborhood--almost anywhere in the neighborhood--under her own power.  HUGE.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so awesome for Elena! I knew she would be able to do stuff like this someday! My guess is that Elena knows what her body is capable of and wanted to try something new. I'm so proud! When you have CP like me and your stamina improves it is a huge deal.


Amy said...

Pretty darn fantastic! Go Elena!