Sunday, November 1, 2009


We LOVE Halloween!

Elena was a giraffe this year! I incorporated her loftstrands into the costume as her front legs.

Giraffe Front View

Giraffe Side View

Some Halloweens have been pretty hard...especially before E was more mobile. It was hard on me to see all those kids moving around, being so cute, having such a good, easy time. But it got better.

This year, our goal was to go to at least 5 houses, with E using her crutches at every house. E had to do something, but not necessarily everything, at each house we visited--go up the driveway, up steps, down steps, across stones, etc. I pushed her in her stroller inbetween houses. She did very well, especially considering she had 2 Feldenkrais sessions, with a lot of walking downtown inbetween (she did nap before trick-or-treating).

We went trick-or-treating with some friends from down the street. That was another nice treat--this is our first year planning on going with friends. It was really nice to be included in a group.

E went to over 10 houses! She even braved some "spooky" ones, but didn't want to hang around after getting some candy. When the kids were done, we ended up going to G & R's house for a bathroom break--and ended up playing there for over an hour! E went to their basement playroom, and I tried to let her just navigate it on her own. E was AWESOME. She walked the whole room (at least 13 feet), and only fell once. The other kids were great to her. She did their indoor slide on her own. She tried to stand up from the floor on her own several times, succeeding once. She also didn't complain about her AFOs hurting! This whole experience made me think, someday SOON, she'll be able to play safely in a strange place, with other people, while I am in another room.

PS. Like her costume? If you have or know a child--especially one that has loftstrands, and they would like to have it, let me know. I'll pick from responses and send it to you. The costume is size 3T shirt (I think it runs small), and the pants are modeled after a 3T pant. FYI, E is close to 36" tall and weighs 26 lbs. I made the pants by piecing material together; the pants themselves to not have elastic, but are sewn to 2T "bloomers" inside the pants. I'd be happy to hold the costume until next year, so you can see how much your child has grown in the hopes it will fit.


Anonymous said...

Such a creative costume! Way to go, Mom! She looks great and happy, too.

Tara Bennett said...

This is just sooo cute! Do you mind if we share this idea and the pictures on kidz? Let me know Thanks!!!

April said...

I absolutely loved your giraffe idea! I stumbled on it and wanted to let you know I shared it in a recent post with adaptive Halloween costume ideas. Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea! All the best to you.