Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2nd Annual Holiday Card Exchange, Take 1

Calling all Doodle Readers!

Last year I asked if anyone wanted to do a card exchange for the holidays. Elena LOVED it, getting mail was such a great part of her day. We loved the pictures everyone sent, of their kids, or their pets, or a drawing of things they like to do.

We send cards (a few were late...and one never made it. I'm sorry about that, we had a giant family emergency right after Christmas) with a picture of E and a drawing for the intended recipient. Elena tried to write at least some of each letter.

If you sent a picture, we have it on E's Buddy Board at home, and we still talk about you. It has been a great way to remind Elena that there are other kids out there like her--kids who wear braces, or wear glasses, who have siblings, friends, go to school, etc. etc. The best part about it was I didn't say anything when she first saw your picture. But I could just SEE Elena's face recognize she was not alone in her struggle with CP. That is invaluable.

So, I'm starting a little earlier this year. The main reason is--if some of you out there want to share addresses as a group, I will organize that. Keep in mind, we tried to write ~20 cards last year, and it was a real struggle to get E to draw that many pictures or write that many words, and we started pretty early.

If you are interested, please email me ( with the following information:

Your name (and/or child's name), child's age, diagnosis, favorite thing(s)
You address (in full, including country)
How long mail will take to arrive from Virginia, United States (if you know) (particularly important for overseas mail)
What holidays you celebrate, if any, near the end of this year
Primary language (don't worry if it's not English! We'll try!)

I will not share your email information OR addresses with anyone without your permission. As of right now, this exchange is between E and you. If you are interested in a larger exchange, where your information is shared with other interested parties, please note that--if there is enough interest I'll email everyone privately (by the end of October), and we'll go from there.

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