Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

So, how did we do?

We didn't make a big deal out of starting Kindergarten. She's been in public pre-K for 2 years already; AND, most importantly, I didn't want to trigger some inevitable anxiety meltdown about it being too early, or not liking the bus driver, or being shy, or new teacher, or [insert MD excuse here]. So the Night Before Kindergarten was just like any other night. No real issues.

Kindergarten Morning started off with crying in bed after being woken up. E said she was scared...of the bus driver, of being away from home, blah blah blah. I got out of that one by a little cuddling and then asking her if she wanted a white or purple and pink shirt to wear (purple and pink). Breakfast was a bowl full of tears (and some cheerios). I interrupted her weep session by asking her to smile--and I (sort-of) got one!

Then the morning started turning around. We talked about seeing friends again, wearing her new princess backpack. Wearing matching earrings for her outfit. I took E to wait outside for the bus, and look at this cutie!

We had a lot of gear to load on the bus: school supplies, packpack, lunch, crutches, sneakers (for the ride home). That's okay. I introduced myself to the new bus driver (the fact that it wasn't last year's driver was Meltdown-Inducible) and he was friendly. Elena was greeted with chimes of her name when she got on the bus; we have some friends on the same route and they were happy to see her--and I emphatically waved to them, and I swear their smiles were going to burst off their faces. I exited the bus, and kept waving until they drove out of view.

And then wondered about her all day...was she tired? Did she fall? Did she need help in the bathroom? Did anyone tease her? Did she make any new friends? How was navigating the playground? Could she manage the cafeteria?

The school PT called me after noon and told me E was doing GREAT. That was a relief.

I got home from work at about 530p. Everyone was sitting down to dinner. Without prompting, Elena says:


*fist pump* yessssssssssss!


Mo said...

HOORAY!!!! I love that girl!

caryanne said...

Way to go E!!!! I'm so glad she had a great day.

AZ Chapman said...

K is like that I know she will enjoy it

Justine said...

Awesome! So glad she had a great first day.