Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pool Swimmage

This isn't her best showing, but here is E swimming by herself in the pool--using her swim vest, of course. Earlier this summer, she could not right herself in the water while wearing the vest. I don't know what made that change--but whatever it is/was, I'm happy about it.

Now we're working toward getting her to get her feet closer to the surface behind her, so she can swim more parallel to the surface. Elena loves to put her face in the water, and seriously wants goggles. I told her we can do that, once we get a little more confident in the water.

*update: In just four more sessions, E can now swim for 40 minutes, and rights herself almost consistently. She can start, stop, turn both directions, and bring her feet in front of her (knees to chest, more or less) and behind her (feet out of the water). Our new plan is to get in the pool once a week! So far, so good!

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