Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Review of New Year's Goals

I wrote a post in January this year regarding what I'd love E to accomplish, in terms of motor function, sociability, and independence. Here's the review:

--E will be completely potty trained. Well, we're still on the mostly part. Mainly due to surgery weakness, at this point. Elena can walk to the bathroom, independently undress and dress (even when wearing a dress), wipe herself, flush the toilet and wash hands and exit the bathroom. I trust her to do this if the bathroom trip only involves pee; a bowel movement may require help. Currently, she gets intense supervision b/c she's still getting used to her "new legs" post-op. Overall, I consider this goal a pass.

--E will make some progress to get her clothes on herself. CHECK. E can dress and undress herself, including socks (we have to pull them all the way on, but at least she gets them on), pants, shirts, some dresses, and jackets. We don't make her to it before school b/c we're pressed for time in the morning, and dressing takes a while. She can undress more quickly than dress.

--E will be able to ambulate barefoot at the pool without scraping the tops of her feet into a bloody mess. CHECK!! We did this last Sunday, at our first pool visit post-op! She looked GREAT. She walked with one crutch and one hand. It took us 10 minutes to actually get all the way across the deck, but she did it, and her feet looked GREAT and FLAT. YAY!

--E will be able to move backwards in some way. We didn't really make progress on this one. I wasn't trying too hard. She can back up when against something, but she could do that for a while. No independent backwards movements--well, maybe a little with her crutches.

--Elena will jump, and get some air under her feet, without holding on to something. CHECK! She jumped AND landed a while back, with her braces and AFOs. Most of the time her jumping is while holding on to something, though.

--E will be able to go up and downstairs herself, with supervision. CHECK. With close supervision (not touching). We haven't worked on this lately due to her lengthening operation, but we'll get back on it once she's stronger.

--Elena will be able to hold hands with a friend and walk a little. CHECK! Last time we did this (that I remember, anyway) was at the Pumpkin Patch with our friends, The Teasters.

And, well...goals for me, not so much...

--Keep up with this blog. CHECK.
--Commit to doing CME exercises with E at home. Once a week, for a good 20+minute session with block equipment. NOPE. I did it for a while, but got lazy.
--Spend some one-on-one time with Vivian. CHECK. Not as much as I want, but, I do get to spend some time with my cute little tornado.
--Try to find some time for myself. HAH. Does soccer count? If so, then CHECK.

I've been working on next year in my head. I think it's going to be a Very Good Year.


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Remarkable year! Best wishes for a stellar 2011!


Merry Christmas!