Monday, June 22, 2009

Dance Class: Sashay!

E is in a community dance class. Before enrolling her in the class, I made sure the administration and the teacher knew E was different. SW is her "shadow", to help E move around the best she can. The other kids in the class are between 3 and 5 years of age. It's nice to see that E's attention span is just like the other students, even though her motor skills are not.

I'm sure it's a little intimidating for the teacher, having a special needs kid in the class...but E enjoys it, and she tries to involve E as best she can. The other kids/parents have asked about Elena, and I try my best to field the questions as they come.

Here is E, SW, and the teacher doing their dance move.

And Mommy and E doing some big steps during a Dance Break (where the kids get some "freestyle time", which they are DYING to do, since most of them are wearing little tutus and just want to twirl and jump in front of the mirror). I get off work to arrive just before the class gets out. Note E makes a nice big step with the left, but not with the right. We're trying, though!

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