Monday, June 22, 2009

New Vids: PT--Balance Board, and Indoor Soccer at home

At PT last week, E worked on walking while trying to really bear weight on her right leg (she prefers the left). Her weight-bearing on the left is more evident as she uses her loftstrands more often.

Here is E using the balance board at PT. This is a smaller board than the one used with Emily, so it is harder for her.

E's AFOs got some tweaks at the orthotist this week (or was it last week? I forget). DETAIL THIS LATER. Basically the orthotist is allowing her right brace to "point" down a little. She has a small heel lift inside the shoe. So while her foot points just a little, it's still "flat" in the brace. Almost like a regular person wearing high heels--your foot points, but it's still flat in the shoe, and your leg is straight while you walk.

Here is E working on her Super Soccer Kick. Look Mom, no hands!

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