Saturday, June 6, 2009

PT recap: Scooter pushing

At private PT last week, Elena did some walking and some scooter pushing. She's done this before, but it's obvious from the videos she's getting better at working a kick-scooter.

Here is the start of PT--Elena trying to independently go from standing to sitting on the floor surface behind her. She fell here, but she's done better previously (hasn't fallen all the way backwards).

She also is working on walking backwards. She can do it when she is holding onto something, but not if her hands are free.

Scooter pushing--she does pretty well when pushing with her right foot (weight on her dominant leg). Pushing with her left foot isn't so good.

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jason sutcliffe said...

I lokked at ur videos and shes ace aint she? It was hard to watch them though but however they gave me an insight into whats to happen in the future so thanx. u take care of u all x
Thanx for the comment you left for us on our blog (a piece of me shared) We would like to put a link up to your blog on ours if thats ok ? let us know x jason