Sunday, June 28, 2009

PT recap: "Airplane" Knees, and "Graduation"

Emily worked on external knee rotation in several different positions. First, half-kneel, with the emphasis on rotating the right knee outwards.

Afterwards, when asked to stand up, knee stayed out MUCH BETTER!

Then the Superknee drill, making sure to alternate leg extention (otherwise, she'd always choose the left).

This was our last post-op physical therapy session with Emily. She is a really fantastic therapist. Our plan was to double up with Emily and our regular PT (Theresa) until we came to a post-SDR "endpoint". INSERT GOAL LIST HERE. We'll continue with the same frequency of PT/week, but as of July we'll stay in our base location. Emily brought in a cake for E to decorate, she called it her "graduation cake". E had to find the icing decorating tips by doing squats. We have a long way to go with standing up from squatting, as can be seen here.

Walking while holding a cake, though--impressive!


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