Thursday, June 4, 2009

PT Recap: Rope Ladder and "Frog Pose"

I've been perusing the internet for new, constructive ways to challenge Elena physically. I mean--everything is a challenge, but I need to "keep it fresh" in order to keep Elena motivated. I think, this summer, my ideas need to revolve around getting out of Elena's "comfort zone" (and my own). Meaning, more activities on grass. Hills. Climbing. Water. Getting messy. I think my husband and I spend most of our constructive time with Elena working on making everyday activities fun--like walking around the house (hide and seek), steps (foot race), cooking, undressing/dressing, treadmill, stretches, etc. She is getting BORED.

Cue Emily at PT this week--getting Elena to climb up a rope ladder. This is challenging for the able-bodied; it's certainly not the first thing I'd get Elena to try to do. But, voila! A lot of assistance, but Elena definitely got better at it by the end of the session. She was pretty excited and willing to try, but got scared, got frustrated, and then got adventurous and had a good time!

She would collect cards at the top of the ladder, throw them to the floor, then descend and squat in "Frog Pose" to match the cards to a placard (Goodnight Moon matching game). She even held the squat unassisted (first time ever!)!

For placards placed far away, we had her do her "downward dog" or her "walk the dog" (downward dog with alternating weight shifts) to match the cards.

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Danny Housier said...

wow! the ladder climbing is awesome!! obviously all the progress is great, but the ladder combines a bunch of strength movements ... wonderful!!!