Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOVA weekend

This weekend we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. We went to the Smithsonian and the American History Museum. E's favorite part was the "bugs" (insect zoo).

On the way there, she walked through the bones exhibit--not too bad! She has been doing very well walking 10+ feet while having to navigate around people (including stop/start, 90 degree turns, without falling or holding on to strangers).


Even though it was late, she did a lot of walking and playing around the interactive children's section of the American History museum, including navigating a room of playing kids and not falling! (No vids or pics though.)

The next day, we took E to a playground. She loves a challenge. Steps are not her favorite, though...

She played with some boys on their "Pirate Ship"--she was the captain!

Abandon ship! I want to take this same pic in another year or two...maybe E can climb out of there like those two boys. Right now it's just a dream...a cute, bittersweet picture.

Up the "Castle Ramp"--it's a ramp with little wooden planks (not steps, more like a texturized ramp).

My FAVORITE!! E walks on PEBBLES! This was the 4th time. The first two were better (10+ steps, no falling) but I did get this one on video.

There were also other great opportunities--web ladder, suspended balance beam, rope bridge--but I was on assisting duty so I don't have footage. Overall though, E does well with heavy assistance on a playground like this. It's very challenging for her, and she has a great time!

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Michelle said...

Wow that is a really neat playground! Great pics!