Saturday, July 4, 2009

PT recap: Balance, weight bearing, and Dorsiflexion

A great session with JM! E spends time at PT with the emphasis on weight bearing on the right side:

Sit-to-stand drills on an uneven surface makes E bear weight on the right to balance. She was pretty patient, especially since she prefers (unconsciously?) to stand on her left leg. She was a champ during this drill!

JM then got E to do turns while moving her feet to accommodate her turn. I believe E can do 90 degree turns with ease--but her feet do not always end up "straight" at the end of the turn, there is a lot of over/under correction after she turns while walking. I'm also not sure if she can turn 90 degrees in both directions. She probably does one direction better than the other.

More of the same. I think E is getting tired of her schedule. Still, she is slowly and steadily improving. Here is Theresa getting E to balance/bear weight on her right while engaged:

E is getting the idea that she is neglecting to bear weight on the right. She DEFINITELY knows her right from left, and now, when we mention she needs to "put her right foot down" or "use righty" she complies.

E also did great in the macaroni pool--from this video (I couldn't be there in person), it seems like her dorsiflexion has improved!

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