Saturday, July 4, 2009

Third of July at Pen Park

E went to the park with her friend LC. She preferred to stay on the toddler playground; they have a larger playground for bigger kids (she did that too, but needed extra help, so no vids taken). She still needs constant supervision, especially while descending or climbing.

Steps, though, are getting much better. The toddler playground has appropriate handrails!

Elena, like most kids, loves slides-but she can't seem to stay sitting up while sliding. This normally means we have to be RIGHTTHERE to catch her at the bottom, or she whacks her head as her bum falls of the slide. At this playground, the slide is shallow, so I didn't have to catch her. I told her to stand up.

She can do better. I know she can stand up just fine from this slide, but on this occasion, no dice.

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