Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mommy's Birthday: Hill Top Berry Farm

We went blackberry picking for my birthday. I figured using crutches was probably out of the question-the terrain was just too long, too hilly, too big. Elena was a champ, though...she walked a LOT. She walked independently on the patio tile, which was textured and uneven. She walked all over the wine tasting area (flat flooring), and fell only once. She walked all along the orchard, holding one hand.

She did a great job walking all the way up this hill. One big change I have noticed with her "hand-held" walking is that her weight seems more properly situated in her own body space (as opposed to a constant, unstable lean). Her balance is still "rickety" from her hips to her sternum--a weird description, I know--but she seems to be commanding her own space. I think this is b/c even with her hands held, her knees aren't caving in as much, which keeps her weight better situated over her heels. I hope that makes sense...

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